Why You Need to Winterize Your Boat

Storing your boat away for the winter is probably the most depressing time of the year for Northeast boaters.

While there is no joy in the end of boating season, it is an important time for your boat. If you invest the time and effort to properly prepare your boat for winter, it will protect your boat over the cold winter months, it can extend the life of your boat by years, and it will have you better prepared to quickly launch next spring.

Boaters who don’t properly winterize their boats set themselves up for significant – and expensive – problems. New England is known for its brutal winters. The region’s snowy, freezing weather, combined with months of non-use for your boat, can cause irreparable damage to your vessel if it isn’t winterized.

Start by getting your boat’s engine properly drained and winterized. If you don’t, you could end up with a damaged engine and the expensive cost of replacing a carburetor.

Over many months of non-use during the winter, your boat’s fuel can become destabilized. Ethanol gasoline absorbs moisture that builds in the fuel tank as temperature changes occur. As cold weather sets in, that moisture can cause the ethanol to un-bond, creating an ethanol-water mixture than can be corrosive to your fuel tank and engine, and gum up carburetors. Another problem you may have if your engine isn’t properly drained and winterized is any water or moisture will expand when it freezes, and you could end up with a cracked engine block.

Your best bet is to have your engine serviced by Atlantic Boats, which will give you peace of mind. If there is any issue with your engine that has to do with winterizing service that ABI performed, you are completely covered and ABI guarantees their work and will service the engine at no additional cost.

In addition to problems with your engine, winter conditions can also threaten other parts of your boat. Ice can cause big problems for your boat’s systems. Freezing water can damage your boat’s hoses and lines, ruining your boat’s plumbing.

With so much that can harm your boat during the winter, it’s good to have a professional handle your boat’s winterization process. Here at Atlantic Boats, our certified mechanics and professional service technicians provide the most comprehensive winterization procedures and services in New England. To learn more about our winterization services, contact us today.