Welcome to the Fall Season

Once the calendar flips over to September, many boaters think “Well, that’s the end of boating this year!”

Not so fast! There are still many weeks of opportunity left for some great boating experiences. It took most of April, May and June for the sun to warm up that big old ocean; and it will take almost as much time to cool it down again. In the meantime, we’ve got several weeks of delightful crisp, cool weather and good conditions for pleasure boating left. All you need is a good radio to listen to the football games (and, hopefully, the Sox play offs, too!).

However, fall is also the time to start thinking about winterization, and specifically, the need to protect your boat against the harsh conditions of a New England winter. In this issue of our newsletter, you will learn a lot of why and how to winterize your boat. I invite you to let the Atlantic Boats’ team do the heavy lifting on your winterization services.

Our certified technicians are ready to tackle this important job for you; just to name a few: draining the fuel systems, engine blocks and refilling with antifreeze, draining down all fresh and salt water systems, performing compression checks, lower unit pressure checks, changing all oils and filters, cleaning, shrink wrapping, hauling or storage. We ensure your boat is 100% ready to hit the high seas when springtime rolls around again.

So take advantage of the great fall boating season, and then come see us to get your boat prepared for winter.

Better Boating, Better Life
John Cornish