Twin Vee

Multihulled boats have a number of long-known and seldom-disputed design advantages over mono-hulls.

First, catamarans ride softer because they don’t have a large, round bottom that slams against the waves. Second, a catamaran’s twin hulls focus the buoyancy around the outside of the boat, rather than in the middle, creating much greater stability. Third, the two narrow hulls generate about one-third as much wetted-surface, or drag, making the boat more efficient. And last, the hulls place the engines farther apart, increasing maneuverability.

Catamarans slice smoothly through rough seas, without the pounding that occurs with mono-hulls. This provides a consistently dry and soft ride.

Catamarans hulls are more efficient than mono-hulls, requiring less power to maintain equivalent cruising speeds. You save money purchasing smaller engines to achieve the same level of performance.